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  •   Calculating the carbon footprint and developing a process to reduce it
  •   Digitization of business processe
  •   Development of software solutions

Green Business Building

  •   Development of new business models
  •   Development and implementation of the ESG concept
  •   Development and implementation of the Smart Cities concept
  •   Development of new products
  •   Development and use of new materials in accordance with risk reduction policies
  •   Alignment of existing business operations with climate regulation

Sustainability Strategy
and Bussiness Optimization

  •   Development of an environmental impact assessment study
  •   Preparation of climate risk and impact study (SECAP)
  •   Creating a financial and social impact study (ESG)
  •   Building a model for achieving “net-zero” business
  •   Creating a new internal and external narrative, philosophy and company cultur
  •   Climate marketing
  •   Project management

Net–zero policies
and finance

  •   Development of new technologies
  •   Climate risk
  •   Development of new financial management models

Sustainable Investing

  •   Company emission trading
  •   Collecting resources for climate transition
  •   Green product and business investing
  •   Creating green partnership models
  •   Investing in green infrastructure
  •   Developing the carbon market

Green process automation
and standardization

  •   Process mapping
  •   Process standardization
  •   Process automatization and digitalizatione
  •   Digitalization in reporting

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